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LTCM now supports FIWL (From India With Love), and also has begun supporting a non profit Senior Home in Piedras Negras, Couhilla MX.

Thanks to your generosity we are now able to reach more peoples lives than ever before! At the Senior Home there are elderly with no family, and no money. Your donations help to give them a life that they would not have otherwise.

In India, outside Mumbai – a missionary lives with several children who were once “street” children.  I do no mention his, nor the children’s names as they live in an area where believers in Christ are persecuted.

Thank you for all your support in the past, and all that you will do in the future. Without you, our faithful partners, these children and widows would have a life that meant a lot less!


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We returned from the December trip to Mexico and hit the ground running! Here is is, a full month later and I just now am beginning to feel like I am getting caught up on rest!

2009 was such a good year for the ministry with God showing up in ways we  never would have thought of. But we anticipate 2010 to be a year that will see developments not only in LTCM, but also in the Bethany project. I started out 2 years ago trying to be the best salesman I could for Bethany, only to see my plans fall somewhat flat.

I propose that 2010 will see a resurgence in interest in Bethany. Not because I will be hawking it, but rather because that supernaturally, miracoulously – God will do what He wants done! The vision and dream is still alive in our hearts, but we are going to move only when God says to move!

2010 will be a wonderful year, but will also have many challenges. 2010 will be a time of humbling for many. But as far as the CHURCH is concerned, it will be a year of sleepers awakening. I look forward to it.

Hold on tight!  It’s here!

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