One Sunday each month, Vicki and I venture out to a different church that supports us, or at least has members that support us. Doing so helps us to feel closer to the people who do support us.

In February we visited with Jason Britt and the flock at City Church in Millbrook. God a special treat because the drummer was out, and I filled in. It’s not often I get to play drums, and I always enjoy it.

On March 7th we will be worshiping with Bob McElvy and the flock at Living Hope Bible Fellowship. Looking forward to that, as Bob and I go back to what we call “BC”, or Before Christ. (Friends before either of us got saved)

May be coming to see you soon!  Just need the invite!

Mike and Vicki


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India/ Elderly

LTCM now supports FIWL (From India With Love), and also has begun supporting a non profit Senior Home in Piedras Negras, Couhilla MX.

Thanks to your generosity we are now able to reach more peoples lives than ever before! At the Senior Home there are elderly with no family, and no money. Your donations help to give them a life that they would not have otherwise.

In India, outside Mumbai – a missionary lives with several children who were once “street” children.  I do no mention his, nor the children’s names as they live in an area where believers in Christ are persecuted.

Thank you for all your support in the past, and all that you will do in the future. Without you, our faithful partners, these children and widows would have a life that meant a lot less!


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We returned from the December trip to Mexico and hit the ground running! Here is is, a full month later and I just now am beginning to feel like I am getting caught up on rest!

2009 was such a good year for the ministry with God showing up in ways we  never would have thought of. But we anticipate 2010 to be a year that will see developments not only in LTCM, but also in the Bethany project. I started out 2 years ago trying to be the best salesman I could for Bethany, only to see my plans fall somewhat flat.

I propose that 2010 will see a resurgence in interest in Bethany. Not because I will be hawking it, but rather because that supernaturally, miracoulously – God will do what He wants done! The vision and dream is still alive in our hearts, but we are going to move only when God says to move!

2010 will be a wonderful year, but will also have many challenges. 2010 will be a time of humbling for many. But as far as the CHURCH is concerned, it will be a year of sleepers awakening. I look forward to it.

Hold on tight!  It’s here!

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Getting Ready!

Several individuals have already turned in their PJs and blankets. Boxes are being filled and sealed in Denham Springs, that will be loaded onto the trailer as we pass thru!  Just yesterday Vicki rode into Montgomery and met Niki from Living Hope Bible Fellowship and picked up the Senior boxes for the nursing home in Piedras Negras. Look at these! Arent they sealed up nice and pretty?

I stayed home and pulled the LTCM trailer from it’s parking place behind the house. An hour or so later, after a good pressure wash job, and an all over check and lubrication, she sits ready to load everything into. Loading will begin on Wednesday evening as we have the Wrapping party at Harvest Church in Wetumpka.

One week from today we will be in South Texas, about to cross the border!!!!!!

Praise the Lord!

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Great Deal on Pajamas

Vicki has found a great deal on PJ’s online. For $6.00 (including shipping) you can get some nice Disney PJs delivered to our door!  Add $4.00 to that for a Wal-Mart blanket and you have a total of $10 invested to make a kid warm and snug this winter!  What better way to invest ten bucks!  Vicki just ordered 24 pair of Pajamas and you can help with them, or add to what we need to complete everyone. We still have 9 kids here, 10 kids in Mexico, and 9 adults to buy for.  Email:

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Last Year PJ’s and Boxes

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How To: PJ’s 101

Here is how to participate in the PJ and Blanket ministry.

The list of names/sizes/genders is being updated now by Brother Don in Piedras Negras. We have to update each year because:

  • Sizes change as the children grow
  • Children get adopted
  • New children come in to the orphanages

As soon as the list is complete We will give you a name/size/gender and you can find the PJs that you want to buy for that child/ children.
We ask that you buy sturdy, and warm pajamas. It gets cold there in the wintertime just as it does here. Even for girls we ask that you buy pajamas with pants. Flannel PJs are best.

Next, wrap the pajamas in Christmas paper with a ribbon or bow, and a name tag with the child’s name. Then pray over the pajamas and pray for the child, placing a blessing on both!

For those wanting to buy blankets, what we are looking for are the Fleece “Throws” that are so popular.

If you want to buy both and be a double blesser, please do!  We wont mind and the children wont mind either.

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Firewood and Friends


Cutting a little wood this weekend. A few friends are coming over to help. Some of the wood will be used to cook the pork for the camp stew sale. Some will be used to keep warm this winter.

Firewood and Friends…………both have a warmness to them.  Enjoy your weekend!

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Stew time

LTCM is ready to sell their all time famous Paw Paw’s Camp Stew once again. Money is needed for the winter trip and stew sales always pull in needed funds, plus are a wonderful social event for those who like to help. In order to help us raise the maximum amount of money possible, we are asking for donations of the following items:

Meat: Boston Butts, Beef Roasts and Whole Chickens

Produce: Sacks of Onions and Taters

Canned: (#10 cans) Tomato paste, Whole tomatoes, Whole kernel corn, Baby Limas

Bottled: Hot Sauce (Texas Pete or equivalent), Worcestershire and V-8

Other Items: Fish Cookers (Propane), Pots LTCM owns one big aluminum pot, but is in need of another. A cast iron wash pot or aluminum pot will be great. In years past we have had access to a commercial stove to cook on, but that is not available now. We could use a couple of fish cooker type burners and be able to cook the stew outside (like good stew is supposed to be cooked).

If you have any of these items or would be willing to purchase them, we would be thankful and put them to good use. Tickets will go on sale in a week, and the tentative date for pickup of the stew will be 11/21/09, the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

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Soapbox Derby

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