The Reason

People sometimes ask us, why do you travel to foreign countries? What drives you to do this? Sometimes words cannot convey things that are in your heart. It is hard sometimes to translate feelings and passions into words. Some things must be seen with the eyes. Here below, we hope that you can see the reason I pack a guitar into the Crimean mountains. The reason that Vicki dresses as a clown. There are no 4 star hotels where we go. Sometimes the bare minimum of “facilities”. Often times no hot water for a bath. Many of the things that are taken for granted at home, are luxuries where we go. Riding 14-16 hours on trains. Driving two days to get to a location. Flying for almost a full day, and then still having to ride a bus or train for hours.

But all the while thankful to God that He chose us. So here below is a small visual, so that you might understand………….

Click on the Start Button of the Video

The reason we go…………………

Click on any picture to make it large.

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  1. I just finished your book (Tribulation Saints) and I think it and your view are right on the money. I have been preaching this for the past nine months to anyone who will listen and I pray that more will come to the same conclusion before the falling away.

    Comment by gtemedtk1 | January 3, 2012 | Reply

    • Thanks so much for the kind words. I pray also with you that many will come to the truth!!

      Comment by ltcm | January 4, 2012 | Reply

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