Bethany – The Vision

The Vision

Imagine if you will with me. Small cottages varying from 200 – 800 square feet spread apart on the hillside looking down towards the creek bottom. A drive winds from the main entrance behind the cottages. In front of the cottages is a path, which leads in several directions. Walk to the right and you will go around the property and down by the creek, then full circle back to the cottage area.

Take the path to the middle and you will end up at the Chapel. The Chapel building serves two purposes. Of course there is the central building where you can go and pray, and even hold small meetings with your Bethany neighbors. But also on the side is a small washroom where there will be a washer and dryer.

Take the path to the left and you will end up behind the main house, where there is a vegetable and flower garden, and the livestock area where there are chickens and pygmy goats. You will be welcome to help with the garden and livestock.

Various oaks, hickories, cedars and pines will shade you in the summer, and block the cold winds in the winter. A small creek crosses over the property in one portion. Along the path that winds by the creek at certain points there will be benches. Deer and turkey cross the property at leisure, and you may chance to see one.

The cottages will seem small at first, but once you warm up to them you will be amazed at how much room there truly is. 200 square feet with a loft is a wonderful space for a single person, or even a couple. A small front porch begs to be decorated with potted plants, and also for a rocking chair. A personal garden spot with a small raised bed cries out for tomatoes to be planted.

Who will stay at Bethany? That is a great question, but not one with a simple answer. There are many situations that would warrant the doors to be opened.

· A person with an illness that caused loss of job and subsequent loss of property who simply needs a temporary place to get a new start.

· A mission family who has given ALL to the ministry and then sent back home by a government turned sour against Christianity. This family might need a place to stay for a few months until they get a place of their own in the states, or else go to another country.

· An 18 year old young lady whose parents were suddenly killed in a car accident, and has family to take her in another state, but wants to finish the school year where she will graduate.

There are many scenarios that would cause a person to need Bethany.  Bethany is about Pure Charity. The kind of charity that helps people get back on their feet. Not the kind that encourages them to stay down, and become a burden on society.

We have all heard it said that “God helps those who help themselves”. In a sense that is true, but I have found that the God we serve is more along these lines. God will let you do all that you can do to bring about the things that you need, but then sometimes there are things that you cannot do. That is where God steps in and does the things that you cannot possibly do.

Just as it was in Jesus’ days here on earth. When the dead needed to be raised, the sick needed healing, and the demoniac needed delivering, Jesus stepped in and did what no one else could do for themselves. Kinsman Redeemer exists to be God’s hand in doing things that people who have been cast down cannot do for themselves.

Vicki and I pray that you catch the vision with us. We pray that you consider what part God would have you to play in all of this. We ask that you pray for this ministry. We ask that if God speaks to you, that you simply be obedient. God is ready to do mighty things.

Why the name Bethany?  Mary, Martha and Lazarus lived in Bethany. Jesus stayed with them in their home on more than one occasion. Bethany is mentioned 4 times in the Gospels. Bethany is the only place where Jesus was not rejected. Bethany is where Lazarus was raised from the dead. Bethany is where Jesus spent the last 6 nights of his life, before being crucified.

Bethany is where Jesus is welcome. Bethany is where resurrection occurs. Bethany is where great lessons are taught and learned. Bethany is where the principles of the Kinsman Redeemer are alive.

Work begins on Bethany now. Contact us to see how you can help. There are many opportunities for you to get involved. If you can:

· Clear land

· Build things

· Wire things

· Coordinate things

· Purchase things

Then you will fit right in. The 1st stage is of course clearing the land. Small underbrush must be cut down, piled up and burned. Larger trees will need to be uprooted with equipment and you may know someone who has that equipment. The land clearing begins now. Next will be drive and walkway building. You may know how to help with that. Then comes construction of the cottages and central building.

There are great opportunities that await you. Pray and ask God what He would have you to do.

Contact us:

334 514 1727

Thanks! And God Bless!



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  1. Wow. I study vision and I must say this is the most descriptive and accurate description of a vision that I have every seen. You have truly written your vision and made it plain.

    God bless,

    Comment by TEAII | August 15, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks Thomas.
    I perused your blog. You have some good content in there!

    Comment by ltcm | August 15, 2008 | Reply

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