A New Year

As 2007 closes out, I looked back on how many hits there were, and ran the stats on everything. Here is how it breaks down with the top page getting the most traffic.

About Us got the most hits with 26%.  It’s good to know that people want to know about us.

Favorite Stuff came in second with 17%. Lots of entertainment value there and food for thought (Spiritual) also.

Tied for third place were The Reason/Video and Shoe Box Central.  Each received 13% of the hits.

Ministry Needs received 8% of the fun.

These are simply stats for hits according to pages. This does not take into account hits on individual posts. There have been as high as 122 hits on a single post in one day.  Around August of 2006, I decided to forgo the newsletter format that made me have to attach newsletters to email addresses. The decision to create a blog to keep people up to date has apparently been a good one.

God has been good in 2007, and we know that He will remain so in 2008! Thank you all for visiting here and may God Bless your New Year!


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Mission Accomplished / Pajamas

We are back from the Shoebox trip and it was a huge success. I am currently uploading video to my computer and will soon begin (After Christmas) to make a DVD detailing everything that God did through LTCM in 2007.  It will be interesting.

I am looking for a provider for pajamas. By that, I mean a business owner who can get LTCM a really good deal on Pajamas.  You see, God struck me with another idea while we were on the way down last week. And when I arrived, it was confirmed. The vast majority of the orphans have no pajamas. They sleep in regular clothes.

So, I guess by this you see our next project. Please be praying with us about this! God will provide on every front.

Blessings, Mike-n-Vicki

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On the Way!

78 Shoe-boxes are filled wrapped and palletized. 2 “little Red wagons” are decorated and wrapped. Vicki is packing the suitcase today. Tonight we go to church and pick up the palletized boxes and load everything in the truck. Tomorrow, we are on the road.

30 Boxes will remain behind, and when we return next week, they will be delivered to Adullam house in Wetumpka. All this, the week before Christmas! The quote “It is more blessed to give than to receive” rings true this season. For you, our partners have given, and you will be blessed for giving to these children in need.

Vicki and I thank you for all that you have done this year. 2008 looks to be an incredible year. We are praying that God guides us to a deeper walk with Him, and a larger ministry than we have ever had before for LTCM.

More when we get back…………………….

Much Love – Mike-n-Vicki

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Palletize Me!

No, we are not at a fast food restaurant. That would be “Supersize me”. We are talking about a way to Contain, Load, and weatherproof 60+ shoeboxes for the trip to Mexico. 30+ shoeboxes will be handed out locally in the Montgomery area. The rest, we must transport in the back of our truck to Mexico. How do we: Keep them together, Keep them Dry, and basically Hide them from sight?

Imagine if you will 5 shoeboxes arranged in a 24″ x 28″ pattern. Throw those onto a 24″ x 28″ cut piece of plywood, and then add another layer and another layer on top. You end up with 15 boxes. Then you shrink wrap that with the clear wrap to bind it all together. Then you slip that into a giant dark green leaf bag. Then you wrap it again. You have just palletized! Now in a 4′ wide truck bed, we can slip 4 of those in and they will sit below the level of the rail, and not be seen, be weather proof and also not slide around.

The wrapping party is this Sunday at our local church. And as they get wrapped, a couple of us guys will palletize them. Load em up on the morning of the 13th and set the cruise control for Mexico!

I love it when a plan comes together!

Blessings! Mike-n-Vicki

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